NABPP Meeting -14th March

Our next meeting is on 14th March at the Nuneaton Heritage Centre, Avenue Road, CV11 4LU, from 7.00pm – 9.00pm.

This provides the opportunity to come and along and meet us , give us your ideas and get involved if you wish.

We are about doing the right thing for local residents and our Borough. For far too long we have been treated as cannon fodder in the two party national politics battle, caught up in the cross fire between Labour and Conservative aspirations, which has done little to address our local issues.

Worse than that we have minority rule twice over. In the first instance we have councillor representation voted in, typically, by just 25% – 35%  of residents. In the second instance we have Council policy driven by just 6 councillors (the leader and his cabinet) out of a total of 34 councillors. Can it be any worse, yes, because there is no way for residents to meaningfully engage with this current council.

So, come on people of Nuneaton and Bedworth, give us your support. Together we can create a voice that will be heard and bring about change in this council leadership, change which will be democratically driven and change that can deliver a progressive council with a “can do / will do” ethos, rather than “Can`t do and it`s their fault”.

We will have candidate packs at the meeting for anyone willing to stand with us at the local elections, nomination papers need to be submitted between 27th March and 6th April. The Election Timetable can be accessed via the link below:



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