Green Bin Legacy!

Letter to Nuneaton News –  14th March Edition

Well, given the furore over the Council budget I was astonished by the temerity of the Council leader to gloss over all the key issues and devote his very important column, last week, to just remind us how lucky we are to have a free green bin.

His column appeared to show real consideration for resident`s concerns, in formulating this very important message, which is totally at odds to the fact that all the elected labour councillors (voice of the people?) appeared to give little consideration to resident’s views on the proposals, by voting the budget through en bloc. There were many reasonable options on the table, which were totally discarded, because they came from the minority parties and, of course, it is impossible for the public to engage in any meaningful debate. Still, from my observations, it was true to form, given the way that this council leadership poorly executes it`s business, unwilling to constructively consult and totally oblivious to the real needs of the majority of residents.

Predictably, he could not resist having a pop at some local parties, calling them hypocritical, responsible nationally for cutting grants to Nuneaton and Bedworth, then making such a clamour when cutbacks have to be made. I suggest that the `clamour` was about the poorly informed, lack of consulted choices that were made, not the fact that there were cutbacks.

So, when our towns are completely subsumed by uncontrolled building developments, roads are grid locked due to poor infrastructure, town centres are `no go` ghetto areas and we are wearing smog masks due to diabolical air quality, we can take solace knowing that we have free green bins, what a legacy!


Great post Barry. A bunch of elected numpties have ruined this town. They can have the green bin back in exchange for all the good things we have lost from the town. Will they issue Nuneaton people with green face masks to help us survive the traffic pollution, I think not. This council is good at one thing. The blame game. Fellow Nuneaton voters must use their votes wisely and rid this town of these fools who are ruining this town before our very eyes.

Barry Goss says:

Thanks for the response Mick, the key thing is to get the residents out to vote on May 3rd to remove those who have let us down. It is too good an opportunity to miss!

Elaine Bird says:

As a resident of Camphill and an ex Labour party member you need to canvass this place big time. I used to do it years ago but now disabled and too old. The amount of apathy up hrre is frightening then you have the people who have always voted labour and dont listen to politics nationally or locally.Labour need getting rid of on Camphill and down the council house. Theyve done buggar all for Camphill snd killed the town. Good luck i shall be voting for you. Elaine Bird

Barry Goss says:

Thanks for your response Elaine, really welcome. We will do as you suggest and will be canvassing big time throughout April. We will also arrange a couple of drop in sessions at the CHESS Centre so we can meet more people face to face to 1) get their input on what we need to be sorting out and 2) explain our aspirations.

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