Race to the Council House – 12 days, Just 12 days to polling day!


People of Nuneaton & Bedworth please do all you can to cast your vote at the Local Elections on May 3rd. We must break through the usual voter apathy and malaise if we are going to get the Councillor representation that we need.  For too long, this low turn out has saddled us with a Council Leadership steeped in political bias, unable to embrace cross party working and unwilling to meaningfully engage with residents. They do not have time to listen to residents as they are more interested in national political games, rather than resolving the real issues which impact our communities and borough.


However, I guess that we reap what we sow. In the 2016 local elections the turnout was circa 33%, with only 30535 out of 94054 residents voting. Yes, that`s right 63519 residents did not use their vote!

We need to drastically change this, so please do all you can to vote and encourage others to do the same. Even if the vote is not for us, it doesn`t matter, the important thing is to have a turn out where the results reflect the choices of the majority.

Should you be able to support us then you can vote for us in 3 wards, Abbey, Camp Hill and Wembrook.

Candidates are:

Alan Gamble – Abbey                                        

Barry Goss – Camp Hill          

Terry Freeman – Wembrook




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