Race to the Council House – 6 days to Polling Day!

Nuneaton News, April 25th – Local Elections 2018 feature.

In a 2 page spread, having requested a 250 word summary from us, which was filed in good time, they managed to report:

“the newly-formed Nuneaton and Bedworth People`s Party has three candidates”, that was it!


This is what we were expecting to see:


Voice of the people

Barry Goss was born in Bedworth, grew up in Camp Hill and is passionate about developing local communities and our Borough`s great heritage.

After becoming involved in several council matters he is shocked by the way in which the council leadership operates. Decisions are politically biased, minority parties are trampled over and residents largely ignored.

As a result he launched The Nuneaton & Bedworth People`s Party, to provide a democratic platform for local people to come together and offer a real alternative at the ballot box.

Key policies are:

  • Establish a Council Leadership that operates on a democratic basis, works across party boundaries and listens to its residents.
  • Introduce E Petitions, so that residents are engaged, can influence decisions and help shape our Borough.
  • Raise the priority of Health and Wellbeing actions and introduce Community development champions, into key wards.
  • Reduce the homeless sleeping on our streets to zero.
  • Cease approval of any further building developments until we can see a coherent Borough Infrastructure plan.
  • Prioritise town centre development and ensure protection of our historic buildings.
  • Engage local businesses and traders to create a five year growth plan.

We have candidates in three wards; Abbey (Alan Gamble), Camp Hill (Barry Goss) and Wembrook (Terry Freeman). They will fight tirelessly to represent you and address local issues.

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