Race to the council house – 5 days to Polling day !

Town Centres – BBC Coventry & Warwickshire

Our Response

Our decaying town centres are an absolute disgrace, we have been let down by our council, county council and local MP`s, who have all stood by and watched our towns decay, incapable of working together, for the good of our borough.

Why should this be, is it because:

1) We are the only Labour controlled council in the County, so Conservatives have starved us off investment, unlike all the other boroughs in the county, which appear to be thriving?


2) The Labour controlled Nuneaton and Bedworth council are happy to see our towns, dirty and empty, so that they can lay the blame at the door of the Conservative government?

We suspect it might be a mix of both, and our towns have been sacrificed on the National Politics altar, to the detriment of all of our residents.

Local councillors and MP`S have been crowing and flag waving about £7.5million investment for Vicarage Street development, however, it seems to us that we have been fobbed off, bought off cheaply, and the other borough`s in the County must be laughing at us.

It will take £50 million plus, cross party working, the cooperation of the County Council and MP`s to achieve this, unfortunately the current bunch are incapable of facilitating such an approach.

Our stance on our town centres, is contained in our newsletter that we have distributed in Camp Hill, Abbey and Wembrook wards.


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