Race to the Council House – Finish Line close!

A Brave New World?

Given all the promises that the major parties are making, a wonderful opportunity exists to make this local election a real turning point for our Borough. Why not, it has a proud heritage, great people and deserves better.

So, why should it be any different after this election, nothing ever changes? Well the difference this time around is that we will have a new Council Leader, with an opportunity to reshape the Cabinet. It does not have to be a single party Cabinet, it can be a coalition, made up of other party members.

This is the key, it is time to park the single party, politically driven agenda, and have all 34 councillors marching in the same direction to inspire and revitalise our borough. It really is time for change:

  • Change: to facilitate cross party working.
  • Change: to engage and listen to residents.
  • Change: to prioritise town centre regeneration.
  • Change: to lift our wards out of the list of top 10% most deprived in the country.
  • Change: to better provide for our elderly and young people.
  • Change: to deliver a coherent Borough Plan with the right infrastructure.
  • Change: to better engage with local businesses / traders
  • Change: to ……………. the list is endless if the Leader is prepared to grasp the opportunity, take that first step and then see it through.

Of course the old school will rebel against it, it`s not how it works, you don`t understand, blah, blah, blah.

Well, that`s tough, because someone needs to seize the moment, be bold and be brave. It really is time for a Council Leadership that is engaging, vibrant, inspirational, and the most driven in the County, to deliver for its residents.

Brave new world?

We will see.

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