The Party was deregistered on 5th July 2018.

During the 18 months that we were active we were able to contribute to several local topics, including :

  • Sheltered Housing Scheme cutbacks
  • Town Centre regeneration
  • The Borough Housing plan
  • Gresham Road depot budget overspend
  • The Council Cabinet structure, with the power being in the hands of the few.

We also contested the local elections in May 2018, but, unfortunately we were not able to make the break through with those many residents who do not vote.

Sincere thanks to Alan Gamble & Terry Freeman for stepping up and contesting the Abbey and Wembrook wards, John McCulloch our Election Agent for keeping us organized and Iain Ashby for driving our Campaign.

We were also very grateful for the family support we received, on this unusual journey and to our friends, old and new, who voted for us.