Which Way Now?

It’s been a month since the local elections and we would like to thank those who took time to vote for The Nuneaton and Bedworth Peoples Party.

It turned out to be the `Perfect Storm` and we could have changed the balance of power in the Council, if we had been able to win just 1 of the 3 wards that we contested. So close, yet so far!

The problem was that the turn out was low, less than 30%, in the Wards that we contested: Abbey (29.3%), Camp Hill (21.4%) & Wembrook (29.2%). So we failed to connect with those who could have made a real difference, we did not knock enough doors and speak to enough residents to be successful. You live and learn, I guess!

We still have a Labour controlled Council, with a new leader, all Labour cabinet and the Mayor with the casting vote. Looks like we are in for more of the same medicine i.e. another two years of party political squabbling, stagnation and little representation of residents needs.

If the new council leadership intends to improve engagement with residents then they will introduce E Petitions as a priority. If they don`t then, as many others tell us, nothing will change. We will see.


Race to the Council House – Finish Line close!

A Brave New World?

Given all the promises that the major parties are making, a wonderful opportunity exists to make this local election a real turning point for our Borough. Why not, it has a proud heritage, great people and deserves better.


Race to the council house – 5 days to Polling day !

Town Centres – BBC Coventry & Warwickshire

Our Response

Our decaying town centres are an absolute disgrace, we have been let down by our council, county council and local MP`s, who have all stood by and watched our towns decay, incapable of working together, for the good of our borough. (more…)